Return tube installation and heat transfer element selection for stainless steel reactor

The use of the stainless steel reactor overcomes the shortcomings of slow cooling of the reactor heated by the heat transfer oil, reduces the safety hazard of the steam boiler, and avoids the condensed water generated by the use of the steam boiler to take away a large amount of energy and water resources. Therefore, stainless steel reactors are widely used.
The stainless steel reactor reflux device comprises a material pipe and a return pipe and a hydraulic pump. The material pipe is connected to the bottom of the reaction kettle, and the material pipe is mounted on the hydraulic pump, and one end of the return pipe is connected with the liquid discharge side of the hydraulic pump, and the return pipe is connected. The other end is connected to the upper portion of the reaction vessel, and a reflux valve is mounted on the return pipe.
The material pipe of the stainless steel reaction kettle is installed on the feeding side of the hydraulic pump with a discharge pipe, and the discharge pipe is equipped with a discharge valve. The material pipe is located on the liquid discharge side of the hydraulic pump and is also equipped with a pressure filter. The material pipe is located at the pressure. A filter valve is provided on the inlet side of the filter to form a completed return system.
The heat transfer element of the stainless steel reactor can maintain the ideal temperature of the reaction. When the heat transfer area of ​​the jacket is set to meet the heat transfer requirements, the jacket is preferably used, which can reduce the internal components of the container, is easy to clean, and does not occupy an effective volume; Commonly used heat exchange elements have a jacket and an inner coil.
The failure of the stainless steel reactor causes a leak at the sealing surface. The cause of the failure is that the screw thread is loose; the sealing surface is damaged. Remedy Retighten the screw; re-grind the polished sealing surface. Trouble phenomenon Leakage occurs at the valve; the cause of the valve stem (needle), valve port sealing surface damage. Remedy repair, replace the valve stem (needle), valve port.

Post time: Sep-11-2019